2015 – Information

Conference Title: Human Rights & Equity: Who is in? Who is out?

**NEW – May 15th, 2015 – The 2015 CAPDHHE Conference Planning Committee is pleased to announce that the conference is sold out. Registration is now closed.**

2015 CAPDHHE Conference/Colloque ACPDHMES 2015 Poster

The 2015 CAPDHHE Conference is being held at the Eaton Chelsea Hotel in Toronto, May 20-22, 2015.

The 2015 CAPDHHE/ACPDHMES Conference will examine the shifting landscapes of human rights work in the postsecondary sector. The questions of who’s in and who’s out are pertinent to ensuring that human rights practitioners in Canada and beyond are engaging in true equity work and education. Human Rights Practitioners must develop increased understanding of inequity and its impact on all people in order to support the increased presence of Aboriginal and racialized peoples in postsecondary institutions. At a time when issues of competing human rights, subtle forms of discrimination and community-based activism are bringing new complexities, challenges and opportunities to our work, it is imperative that those who work in the human rights arena answer these questions and develop strategies for redress.

Hosted in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, CAPDHHE/ACPDHMES 2015 will welcome presenters and delegates from different regions, languages and social backgrounds to give voice to the changing climate of equity work throughout the country. This year’s conference will be centred on three unique streams: Institutional Change, addressing best practices and new strategies to move the postsecondary sector forward; Activism and Communities, exploring emerging social justice movements and developing key strategies to support Aboriginal and diverse communities; and lastly, Critical Conversations, where delegates will come together to ask pertinent questions and engage in discussions critical to building more equitable campus environments for all to learn, work and live.