2016-2017 Executive

Milé Komlen
McMaster University
Email: komlenm@mcmaster.ca
Sonya Nigam
University of Ottawa
Email: snigam@uottawa.ca
Donna Gerber
Niagara College
Email: dgerber@niagaracollege.ca
Jane Ngobia
University of Guelph
Email: jngobia@uoguelph.ca
Nancy Simms
Communications Coordinator/Coordinatrice des communicationss
Humber College
Email: Nancy.Simms@humber.ca
Bharat Saini
Web Site Liaison/Liaison de web
OCAD University
Email: bsaini@ocadu.ca
Michelle Poirier
Membership Coordinator/Coordinatrice d’adhésion
McMaster University
Email: mpoirie@mcmaster.ca
Ingrid Ali
General Member/Membre adjoint
Seneca College
Email: Ingrid.Ali@senecacollege.ca
Suenita Maharaj-Sandhu
General Member/Membre adjoint
Red River College
Email: smaharaj-sandhu@rrc.ca
Ex-Officio/Membres d'office  
Margot Coulter
Past President/Présidente sortante
Queen’s University
Email: coulterm@queensu.ca
Shirley Voyna Wilson
Past Conference Chair/Presidente sortante du comite d'organization
University of Calgary
Email: wsoyna@ucalgary.ca
Dale Hall
George Brown College
Email: dhall@georgebrown.ca